Incident response planning

Certain situations can cause well-meaning individuals to draw conclusions or to make statements that, under post-event analysis when all facts are known, are not correct.

When in the public eye, it is vital that the team responds in the correct manner if tested. The timescale in which critical decisions have to be made, action taken and appropriate responses given can be very short indeed – sometimes only a matter of minutes.

Over the years, Crunch has handled many incident response scenarios. Each specific incident remains confidential, but our planning and training has allowed us to handle and diffuse situations successfully, ranging from NGOs protesting at a Formula 1 Grand Prix, to on-track incidents and guest welfare.

Years of experience addressing these situations allow us to lead under pressure, manage the situation professionally and provide accurate information to internal departments, the media, event guests and other interested parties.

We lead training sessions, scenario plan and host regular briefing updates to mitigate as much as possible against any incident occurring, but occasionally we need to deploy our methodology for a variety of reasons.

Our Incident Response Plan (IRP) is based on the principles of:

But most importantly often come down to the having the experience, cool head and professionalism to plan and execute efficiently.

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