F1 street demonstration for Shell V-Power

Taking F1 from the track to the streets is a core skill that is only achieved successfully if undertaken amidst rigorous safety control and with years of experience. Running an F1 car on the street is an excellent way to bring F1 to new audiences.

Client brief

Shell V-Power was looking for a ‘wow’ moment to launch its new V-Power Nitro+ premium fuel in Poland. Regular use of traditional sponsorship assets was limited by the absence of a local race, so the challenge was to bring the thrill and performance of Formula One to Warsaw.

Felipe Massa brought Warsaw to a standstill as he drove a Ferrari Formula One car through the city streets as part of the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Show.

There was a fantastic atmosphere as over 30,000 Ferrari fans turned out to witness Shell’s first ever street demonstration with a Ferrari Formula One car in Poland and celebrate the launch of Shell’s new gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+.

Massa demonstrated the power and performance of a Ferrari F60 around a specially designed street circuit in the Polish capital – performance that was enabled in part by Shell’s long-standing Technical Partnership with the team – and thrilled fans and media alike with his impressive driving skills.

Massa treated the crowd to 20 laps of the unique street circuit and the star and his team also showed off the breathtaking speed and accuracy of a pitstop to change all four tyres on the car several times.

The Polish crowd was able to get close to the action, including the Scuderia Ferrari garage, allowing fans to experience Formula One on their doorstep.

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