UNIQUE F1 guest management mobile 'app'

Client brief
How to communicate different levels of ever-changing detail to a large number of international guests at a multi- venue event. Whilst all the time capturing their data and feedback in a modern, non-invasive manner.

A bespoke branded guest management app – available for guests to download pre-event and use as their essential on-event guide.

Ranging from VIPs to core-event staff, the level of information produced ahead of each major sponsorship activation is significant. Hours of work go into guidebooks, briefing documents and schedules yet all too often, this work is out of date the moment it is printed.

Crunch are at the vanguard of guest information management and our app allows us to instantly update guests’ information as well as heightening their on- event experience with a modern, easy to use single source of information.

The tool, unique in the F1 paddock, acts as a personalised calendar – highlighting sessions, meetings or transfers which are of specific note to each guest – as well as a portable branded sponsorship guide.

By capturing guests data and using the app’s in-built feedback form you can develop a clearer insight into the ROI of your event.

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