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At the start of the 2021 Formula 1 season we reached out to the F1 world to ask its thoughts on the sport and we are now delighted to share the results. Our intention is to conduct this survey each year and share the report free-of-charge, to help us all continually improve the offer and commercial appeal of the sport.

Since the new owners arrived, F1 has been in a period of renewal and the result of this is overwhelmingly positive in terms of what has been achieved over the past five years; four out of five respondents say that the sport is in better health today than it was in 2016.

The pandemic has clearly made its impact felt but as the sponsorship industry approaches a restart, three clear topics standout:

  • An overwhelming desire to see better track action
  • The pressure on F1 to keep stressing its commitment on the topics of sustainability and diversity
  • The desire from media to see better access to people and stories

Where those respondents also agree is that individually and collectively, we need to make the most of the opportunities that F1 is creating for itself. As Formula 1 unveils a prototype of its 2022 car in the same week Lewis Hamilton’s commission published its report, Accelerating Change, and F1 launches scholarship, apprenticeship, and intern placements for underrepresented groups, it is clear the sport is moving in the right direction.

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